My beliefs about brands

The edges between brands, products, services, companies, communication ideas, media, platforms, and people who are involved with the brand are becoming more and more blurred.

What a brand does and how it behaves will increasingly take precedence over what a brand says about itself.

For every brand, each individual has a different personal experience of that brand. We must try to understand the collective elements of the brand that we have as shared experience in order to develop communications.

My offer

What’s this brand about?
I offer an analysis of the substance and content of the brand in total using the rational, emotional, sensory and intuitive modes of perception.

Brand plans of action
What could a brand do in order to enrich people’s lives on many levels beyond simple product benefits, and thus achieve its goals?

Sparking brand communication ideas
Inspiring ideas that will inform, entertain, enchant, and ultimately sell via finding uniting human truths.

Seminars and training
I am very happy to devise and run seminars and training sessions on planning-related topics, in close co-operation with agency or client partners.

The way I work

I have over thirty years of experience in the business of marketing and advertising, across markets, categories, languages and challenges.

I am always open for the new in that each project is treated differently. I have no set templates or processes.

As a freelancer, working from my home in Bruchköbel, I am constantly in touch with the real world.

When working with clients, the things that are important to me are mutual respect, openness, simplicity, courage and integrity.